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200A limit 50V 12V 24V DC motor Speed Controller PWM waterproof Arduino RS232

200A limit 50V 12V 24V DC motor Speed Controller PWM waterproof Arduino RS232

200A limit 50V 12V 24V DC motor Speed Controller PWM waterproof Arduino RS232   200A limit 50V 12V 24V DC motor Speed Controller PWM waterproof Arduino RS232
We have several type of DC motor PWM controllers! Simple forward or reversible version. Up to 300A and 200V with programmable USART and other useful functions and more.. Because of some missunderstandings for those customers who does not need the programing registers and the serial communication they dont have to learn and deal with the programing!

The controller is fully working without doing any programing. In the datasheet you will find information about the programing but telling you again that is not important to you if you just want to use a simple potentiometer or throttle controlling your motor.

You just need to choose the controll mode with the red DIP switch 1-2 on the board. The controller's registers are optional for those users who need this function for their application. ^^^Donload the datasheet with this link^^^. This is a very compact and easy to use high efficiency PWM speed controller for any brushed motor with RS232 communication for your developement or project. You can use it with siple potentiometer or for more adjustable functions controll with simple USART read/write commands using Arduino/PLC/computer or any other MCU.

Use it for trolley, outboard, electric bicycle, go-cart, boat and any other industrial application. Just connect your battery and your motor to the M6 screw terminals set the maximum current with the small blue trimmer potentiometer on the board and you are ready.

Advantages against other motor controllers. Connect the speed potentiometer 2. Connect the supply and the motor 3. Set the current limit 4.

Turn it on and use. 2 quadrant operation (drive CW and regenerative brake CW).

Connection with high current M6 screws. Universal 0-5V speed controller input.

You don't have to use the potentiometer to controll the speed. You can use PLC output or any analoge signal or PWM signap from uPC or RC receiver PWM signal. Regenerative braking (you can brake the motor and get back all the kinetic energy into the battery) For the highest safety the regenerative braking never. Adjustable ramp speed (acceleration limit). Adjustable decceleration limit, turn on /off voltages (need to set throught the RS232 port). Normal current limit is adjustable between 0-100A. Universal supply voltage between 10-50V DC. Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 35 mm. You can choose between 6 operation modes with the red DIP switch on the PCB board.

Normal potentiometer mode 0-5V 0-97% output voltage. Magnetic hall throttle mode (0.5-4,5V input) or programable input voltage like 1-3V or anything you want. Simple PWM signal (0-95%) from arduino or a RC receiver.

RC receiver PWM input 1,5ms +/-1ms. RS232 controll with simple commands recommended for beginner programmers for example Arduino. RS485 advanced controll for precise industrial controll. With the optically isolated connection and CRC protected communication you can communicate with the device and get access for the all controll registers. Adjustable and saveable parameters with RS232/RS485 read/write commands. Turn ON/OFF minimum and turn ON/OFF maximum voltage levels for example turn off the unit at low battery voltage. Potentiometer input voltage (you can use this input for an analoge measurement input if you are controlling the speed with RS232/485 commands).

Input frequency on PWM input. Input duty on PWM input. I x R compensation (this if for speed regulation compensation the load drop voltage).

Supply compensation (maximum speed limit) this can be very usefull in more cases. As you give a maximum reference voltage (maximum RPM) what the output can be with the maximum gas setting. This value becomes a reference voltage and archive perfect supply voltage compensation. This means if your supply voltage drops of raise your motor PRM remains the same. Using the supply compensation and the I x R compensation together you can archive perfect speed regulation without any closed loop feedback and no tachogenerator is needed.

Adjustable RS485 address controlling more controllers on one line. For more information and how to use the RS232/485 communication please read the datasheet with the controll registers. Please send a message if you. Have any question special request or something. If you need bulk prices or more than one even 2 pieces we will give the best prices. So why choose this controller? They are great until you put a large load to they output. That controllers don't have supply filtering what is very important! Without it the most of the chinese controller regularly burning down.

They haven't got proper flyback diode against the motor inductive current! The most of them don't have any current limit function which is very important by a motor. This controller is a current limited speed controller for any brushed DC motor with great LOW ESR capacitor supply filtering and a syncronous flyback diode! How can you controll the motor speed with this controller?

With the current limit potentiometer you can very fine adjust the current what the motor can maximum consumes. For example, you have 500W 24V DC motor. Your motor nominal current is 20A. Than you adjust the current limit to 25-30A. After them your motor and PWM driver is fully protected against the burning down and over load. Additional protection is the temperature protection.

The controller measure the temperature of heatsink. If that exceed the maximum than the controller shutting down. You can easily control the motor speed between 0-95% with the motor speed controller potentiometer which is connected to the potentiometer terminal. You can use as long potentiometer cable as you want.

So you don't have to mount the PWM and the potentiometer juxtaposed. Please follow us because other type of new motor controllers will be released soon! The item "200A limit 50V 12V 24V DC motor Speed Controller PWM waterproof Arduino RS232" is in sale since Wednesday, February 21, 2018. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Industrial Automation & Motion Controls\Drives & Starters\Drives & Motor Controls\Speed Controls". The seller is "powersolutions_hu" and is located in Dunaszentgyörgy.

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200A limit 50V 12V 24V DC motor Speed Controller PWM waterproof Arduino RS232   200A limit 50V 12V 24V DC motor Speed Controller PWM waterproof Arduino RS232